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Walter Stirland

Walter Stirland was born in 1900 and started his working life in the Nottingham coal mines at 8 years old. He trained as a bricklayer and worked laying bricks in the mines which led to his move to Southampton in 1923 where he continued the trade. Taking on a small number of other bricklayers he formed a team working for builders in the area which proved so successful that in 1925 he moved to Selsey, started buying small plots of land, building houses or bungalows and selling them on.

Building the company

In 1926 he moved to East Wittering and took an office on The Parade where he continued to build residential property speculatively. In 1934 he bought land on the Birdham Straight and built a pair of semi detached houses, one of which he used as his office and from here began branching out into building contracting as well as developing and carrying out work in the local area. He built and moved into new offices on the same land a year later, from where the company carried out local authority, speculative and other commercial projects, as well as a house at the end of the Redmoor Estate which Walter moved into the day war was declared in 1939.

Continuing the tradition

W. Stirland has continued to grow from the same offices since and in our 88 years we have evolved into a construction company with a reputation for completing projects on time and to a high standard.


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