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Covid 19

Our sites have remained operational and productive from the outset of this pandemic. We have managed to achieve this by ensuring that we are working in line with CLC Operating Procedures. To ensure that those procedures are being correctly applied, we have, for the past six weeks, been carrying out Covid 19 risk assessments on every project at six-day intervals.

Government guidance of 11th May 2020 (Getting Brits Safely Back to Work) sets out five key points for businesses to focus on to enable them to safely get their staff back to work. Step 2 of this guidance requires companies to carry out risk assessments of their workplaces as a means of ensuring that those workplaces are safe. The Government expects businesses employing in excess of 50 members of staff to publish the risk assessments they carry out.

It is not practical to publish every Covid 19 risk assessment we have carried out on our 17 projects over the past six weeks, so if Employers, sub-contractors or consultants wish to see copies of the risk assessments relating to the projects they are involved in, they should write to  info@wstirland.co.uk or contact the Company on its Head Office telephone number. These risk assessments are available to staff and operatives to view on site.