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Streif GmbH is a German company that provides pre-fabricated closed timber panel buildings. Streif have been at the forefront of producing sustainable buildings for many years and in Germany, they occupy the top position with regard to customer satisfaction.

Streif is committed to providing the highest standard of living comfort by building energy efficient and eco-friendly new buildings, which are flexible in design, of the highest quality and assembled using state-of-the-art technology.


The company uses renewable materials wherever possible; little if any water is used in the production process thereby reducing the possibility of shrinkage. Streif bring as many energy and resource saving measures as possible into the manufacturing process. Waste generated during the assembly of a building is recycled.  For example timber waste is chipped and used to heat the company’s factory; waste insulation is returned to the manufacturer to be reused; plastic waste is taken to a recycling centre.

Air Quality

The critical values stipulated for indoor air quality in German tests are far lower than the legally required thresholds, meaning that the air quality within Streif’s buildings are essentially free from pollutants and off gases arising from the buildings components.


Streif are one of only two companies in the UK that have been awarded Q Mark certification by BM TRADA for the manufacture and erection of timber buildings. This certification requires the inspection of the company’s processes from purchasing raw materials through to the completion of the project with the emphasis being on the quality of the end product.

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