Apple Tree Affordable Housing Development for Guildford Borough Council

Apple Tree

Client: Guildford Borough Council
Contract Value: £2.8 million
Duration: 65 weeks
Sector: Residential
Procurement: Competitive Tender
Completion: August 2019
Contract: JCT Design & Build (2016)

The demolition and clearance of the old Apple Tree public house in Guildford to make way for the construction of 18 units of affordable housing within two blocks, together with parking, cycle store, recycling area and hard and soft landscaping.

The design of the two blocks was carefully considered to provide a visual link between the existing buildings to either side.  The blocks are predominantly two storeys in height, with Block 2 having a third floor, stepped back from the main footprint of the building.  Materials used include aluminium, artificial stone, blue and brindle bricks and the use of sedum roofs to provide a modern architectural feature.

The project has taken a brownfield site of limited amenity value and repurposed it with an exciting new development. It contributes to Guildford Borough Council’s obligations under the National Planning Policy and provides significant visual improvement to the location.

Photography: Absolute Design Consultancy Limited, Chichester 

Project Team:

Architect ERMC Ltd

Engineer JMLA (South East) Ltd

Client Agent: Ibis Ltd