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Land Adjacent to Rough's Cottage Affordable Housing on a Rural Exception Site

Land Adjacent to Rough's Cottage

Client: Hastoe Housing
Contract Value: £2.2m
Duration: 56 weeks
Sector: Residential
Procurement: Traditional Tender
Completion: May 2022
Contract: JCT Design & Build (2016)

The construction of 12 new dwellings, with parking and landscaping, for affordable rental or shared ownership through Hastoe Housing.  The finished scheme will offer 4 x one-bed flats, 5 x two-bed houses and 3 x three-bed houses.

This 0.45 hectare Rural Exception Site lies adjacent to the A287 between Warnborough and Hook in Hampshire.  Currently being used for grazing, it was identified by Hart District Council as being an ideal site on which to address the shortage of affordable housing in the area. 

The scheme will offer an attractive mixture of detached, semi-detached and terraced units and will be designed to relate to the context of existing buildings, both residential and agricultural, whilst still maintaining their own visual identity.  Elevations to ground floor level will be in red brickwork, with upper floors clad in black timber, which references local agricultural buildings.  

The site is currently heavily wooded to all sides, and arboricultural works will be necessary to ensure good light to the development. Most of the larger, mature trees are to be kept and incorporated into the landscaping, and a  green zone will be retained around the perimeter.

All units will be fitted with MVHR installations, and space and water heating will be provided by efficient gas boilers. The fabric-first build ethos will ensure the highest levels of insulation and thermal performance, and will produce a highly sustainable and affordable development for local families and individuals. 

Images by Architecture PLB

Project Team:

Architect:  Architecture PLB

Engineer:  Arch Associates

Client Agent:  Aecom