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SCoLA Schools Refurbishment Overton, Oliver’s Battery, Wootey and Talavera Schools

SCoLA Schools Refurbishment

Client: Hampshire County Council
Contract Value: £9.6m
Duration: 70 weeks
Sector: Education
Procurement: Two-stage framework
Completion: End January 2019
Contract: JCT Intermediate 2011 plus Contractor's Design

A project requiring the refurbishment, rearrangement and external recladding of 4 Hampshire County Council School Buildings in Basingstoke, Alton, Aldershot and Winchester. 

Originally constructed in 1974 under the SCoLA school building programme, these four Hampshire County Council school buildings had become unsustainable to run and uncomfortable to occupy. It was decided that a programme of significant refurbishment would be a more cost-effective solution than rebuilding.

After complex asbestos removal works all four schools underwent a similar programme of refurbishment, including installation of an energy-efficient insulation envelope and Gebrik external cladding, roof works, and new windows and doors. Internally, new M&E installations were provided, existing layouts were updated and all areas refurbished. External works included hard and soft landscaping and access works.

All four schools were fully functioning during the works with prior enabling works to install two or more temporary classrooms on each site. Separation of staff, pupils and public from the works, and secure routes in and out of the buildings were rearranged for each phase. Accurate programming was essential to ensure that each stage was completed within its allotted timescale, and this was achieved.

Project Team:

Architect: Hampshire County Council
Engineer: Hampshire County Council