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W. Stirland is committed to carrying out its business in the most sustainable way possible, not just through the company’s general activities but also in the products and materials it uses.

Materials, Design and Construction Operations

The company regularly carries out sustainability reviews in order that new approaches to reducing its carbon footprint can be explored.

W. Stirland uses the BRE SmartWaste tool to control and monitor site waste, and also uses BRE SmartER to monitor and record CO2 generation, electricity and water usage for each site.

In terms of its design and construction responsibilities, the company’s design and sustainability department review every project in order to maximize the use of sustainable materials and construction techniques.

Fabric First, is the cornerstone of W. Stirland’s design and construction philosophy.

The company’s primary design consideration is thermal efficiency and air tightness. To that end W. Stirland have formed a partnership with German off site manufacturer Strief GmbH. The use of this system enables very high u - values and air tightness without having to have unmanageable wall thicknesses.

Local Suppliers and Labour.

Where possible W. Stirland  uses local suppliers and sub contractors. The directors firmly believe in promoting local business.

Currently 78% of all orders placed by the company go to businesses within a 30 mile radius of the project the order relates to.

The company is one of the founders of the Build East Sussex initiative. This organisation has been formed to help East Sussex companies obtain work in their area and provide training and support to smaller companies looking to expand.


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